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Embedding Subtitles

Movies and commercials present a number of complex challenges that can be difficult to navigate. While you’ll have to figure out all those high-octane zero-gravity action sequences for yourself, the Kaleidoscope team can ease the burden in one significant way: adding subtitles. Our comprehensive service combines transcription, translation, synchronization, and embedding of subtitles in any video format. Now you can rest easy, knowing that these subtitles are conveying exactly the right message at the right time, enhancing rather than detracting from the overall viewing experience. We’d love to become the “stars” of your next project – just put us in the picture!


Website Content Entry

Did you think that adding content to your website was just a simple matter of copy-paste? Well, think again! In many ways, content entry is just as important and complex as the task of writing the original content. After all, it’s the make-or-break stage that determines whether people will settle in to read that brilliant text, or simply hit the back button. Our professional team capably handles all web content management systems, ensuring that all your site visitors will enjoy a user-friendly reading experience while sparing you the headache of grappling with tricky technology. Thanks to Kaleidoscope, you’ll have a website that’s not only perfectly written, but perfectly presented as well.


SEO Writing

Even if you have the best texts in the world, no one will read them if your website isn’t optimized for maximum promotion via popular search engines. Once your SEO company has carried out targeted keyword research, simply pass those keywords on to us: we’ll seamlessly, naturally integrate them with your marketing materials and ensure your website attracts all the right kinds of attention. So ready… steady… SEO!

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Kaleidoscope Creative House offers world-class English and Hebrew copywriting, expert translation of more than 30 languages, and hassle-free graphic layout solutions. Our comprehensive portfolio of services means we can meet all needs with one complete package.

Whether you're a global corporation setting out to conquer the world or a boutique business staking your claim in cyberspace, Kaleidoscope gives you the tools you need. Increased sales, new market opportunities, and sharp messaging all start with the words you use, and you need words that come from the heart – the kind that catch the eye, delight the ear, and draw people in.

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