Why Choose Kaleidoscope?

You might be asking yourself why so many companies and organizations work with us. After all, there are lots of other options available today: freelancers, translation software, that dusty bilingual dictionary you haven’t touched since high school… So what’s the Kaleidoscope secret sauce, that X-factor (or ABC-factor) that keeps clients from all industries coming back for more? Well, we’ll tell you:

Superior quality & international standards

When you’re in the market for a delicious, satisfying meal, you don’t want just anyone throwing on a toque blanche and grabbing a whisk. Fortunately, the Kaleidoscope cordon-bleu copywriting kitchen is staffed by talented creatives who not only have impressive diplomas on their walls, but years of in-depth marketing experience on their resumes. All our copywriters and translators are native speakers of the target language, crafting texts that are appealing, natural, and culturally-sensitive. Plus our thorough quality control process ensures consistently tip-top international standards in line with the Pro-Z translating community.

Passion for unbeatable customer service

We’re passionate about a lot of things at Kaleidoscope, but the top three are probably evocative language, great grammar, and exceptional customer service. We genuinely care about providing you with the best service at every turn, whether that means answering a 10-second question or crafting a 100-page brochure. When the service is this dedicated, diligent, and downright delightful, it’s easy to understand why so many of our clients have been with us for year after year.

Sticking to your schedule

When do you need that piece of work – now, immediately, or last week? We understand the time pressures you’re under, so we always go the extra mile to ensure you receive a quick response in line with our agreed timetables, without making any compromises on professionalism or quality. Even when it comes to the most urgent projects, our team goes above and beyond to get them to you when you need them (although “last week” might be pushing it). We want you to be completely satisfied.

Total professionalism & extensive experience

Did you think that the Kaleidoscope team only stood out due to their stunning good looks and impeccable dress sense? Fortunately that’s just scratching the surface of our skillset, which includes more than 20 years of consummate professionalism, in-depth expertise, and diverse experience spanning every vertical you can name. Now that’s what we call a winning combination.

Price quotes you can count on (with no surprises!)

Don’t get us wrong, we love surprises… Usually the kinds that involve flowers and cake. But when it comes to pricing, they’re real party poopers. That’s why Kaleidoscope will provide a fixed price quote before the work begins, so you know exactly where you stand. And the exceptional work you receive will be no surprise at all!

Knowing we care about your project as much as you do

Usually we avoid clichés like the plague, but there’s no better way to say it: at Kaleidoscope, we live and breathe words. No matter the language, no matter the content, we care deeply about giving you word-perfect texts without a single comma out of place. So that means that every single project becomes our “baby” we’re co-parenting with you – and we’ll do everything to ensure that baby’s truly a bundle of joy.

Peace of mind and the confidence we’re always here for you

Did we mention we’ve been around for more than 20 years? That just goes to show that Kaleidoscope is a company that’s here to stay: you can always rely on us to be here for you, from your very first project to your hundredth (and all the challenges and successes in between). It’s going to be a fun, fruitful, and fascinating journey – and it all begins right here!

Nice to Meet You.

Kaleidoscope Creative House offers world-class English and Hebrew copywriting, expert translation of more than 30 languages, and hassle-free graphic layout solutions. Our comprehensive portfolio of services means we can meet all needs with one complete package.

Whether you're a global corporation setting out to conquer the world or a boutique business staking your claim in cyberspace, Kaleidoscope gives you the tools you need. Increased sales, new market opportunities, and sharp messaging all start with the words you use, and you need words that come from the heart – the kind that catch the eye, delight the ear, and draw people in.

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