Introducing the Kaleidoscope Team

Mandi has carefully assembled a team of talented, creative people who go out of their way to achieve full client satisfaction. No less important, it's a team of people who love what they do – and it shows.

Answering questions, helping each other, and working collaboratively is second nature to Kaleidoscope staff. After all, Kaleidoscope is like a sports team – individual talent and skill is great, but the teamwork is what makes us winners.

Meet David, V.P. Operations & Finance

Meet David, V.P. Operations & Finance

David is a one-man quality control system and all translations pass through his hands. In his spare time, David serves as a human Google, thanks to the vast expanse of knowledge swimming around in his head. Of course, the phone calls in the middle of the night do tend to get on his nerves. Those astrophysicists just have no manners…

Meet Michal, Supervisor

Meet Michal, Supervisor

Michal is a woman of many talents – She's a supervisor, senior copywriter, and manager of the Hebrew department. She cringes when someone writes "your" instead of "you're." She once heard Chuck Norris say "for all intensive purposes," and poor Chuck barely made it out alive.

Michal is a devoted fan of Hapoel Tel Aviv but has graciously agreed to also work with clients who are Maccabi Tel Aviv fans.

Meet Kim, V.P. Marketing

Meet Kim, V.P. Marketing

It's an undeniable fact: clients love Kim. Maybe it's because of her warmth, or the smile that you can sense even over the telephone. Or maybe it's her professionalism, attention to detail, and outstanding memory. She even remembers what she was doing at 4am on May 23rd, 1994. (She was asleep.)

Kim has completed a business degree at the College of Management, with the goal of applying her knowledge here at Kaleidoscope. As a perfectionist, it was no surprise to us that she graduated with honors. After all, she still shudders at the memory of that horrible day in 6th grade when she received a mere 95 on a social studies test.

We've tried to comfort her - after all, we all have bad days.

Meet Chen, Projects & Traffic Manager

Meet Chen, Projects & Traffic Manager

Chen is in charge of projects, traffic control and comprehensive management of all the office's needs. He's the one to call when the networks go down, the computers crash, or old ladies get stuck in the elevator. Chen fights evil and saves the world in his spare time.

Meet Fiona, English Editor and Copywriter

Meet Fiona, English Editor and Copywriter

With a doctorate in linguistics, Fiona serves as our resident grammar-guru, spelling-specialist, and diction-dynamo. Although she's originally from Scotland, she doesn't have a great accent like in Trainspotting, which is a bit of a shame.

Meet Liz, Russian Editor and Translator

Meet Liz, Russian Editor and Translator

Besides being the editor that Tolstoy could have used, Liz is a pianist with degrees in both linguistics and music. Her favorite composer is Chopin, although she was a little disappointed with his latest album.

Meet Marie, French Editor and Translator

Marie holds a doctorate in pharmacology and a master's degree in translations and interpretation studies. Her avant-garde work shows that she is a true bon vivant with a spectacular joie de vivre that demonstrates outstanding esprit de corps, making every text she works on a tour-de-force par excellence, earning her the éclat that is her raison d'être.  



This is just part of our all-star team. We've got plenty of great players on the bench, ready to take on your project and give it their all.



Nice to Meet You.

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Whether you're a global corporation setting out to conquer the world or a boutique business staking your claim in cyberspace, Kaleidoscope gives you the tools you need. Increased sales, new market opportunities, and sharp messaging all start with the words you use, and you need words that come from the heart – the kind that catch the eye, delight the ear, and draw people in.

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